Jobs in Complus.

Complus is always open to working with a visionary people who are highly motivated and  willing to make a difference. 
If you want to work on a serious and challenging IT projects in a multinational team with decades of experience and if you want to make progress and grow with Complus, we are offering you a dynamic and challenging business environment with possibility to enhance your professional skills and gain valuable experience.

See some of the currently open competitions:
Senior PHP Programer

Senior PHP Programer

For development of our service in most cases we are using Zend Framework and MySQL. Knowledge of Zend Framework is definitely a plus for candidates but OOP is required, and a minimum of 5 years of serious programming in order to respect the title SENIOR PROGRAMMER.


Frontend Web Developer

HTML5, CSS3, JS with knowledge of "responsive web" logic is, in our opinion, what serious Frontend Developer must know. What we do and what we need is continuous improvement and monitoring of new trends in the development and implementation of the Frontend Interface and implementation of that knowledge in the development of existing and/or new projects.

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